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Universal Children’s Day

Today, Google highlighted Universal Children’s Day in a very colourful way. From Wikipedia: Universal Children’s Day takes place annually on 20 November. First proclaimed by the United Kingdom in 1954, it was established to encourage all countries to... read more

Kids and Cinemas

This photo popped up on my Facebook feed today, reminding me it’s exactly 2 years ago since we went to see Rio 2 at the cinema.  I remember it well, as my youngest had just spent almost a week in hospital with pneumonia, and this was a special family treat the... read more

Prince Ea: Rip off the Labels

A lot of stuff comes up in my Facebook news feed on a daily basis:  some is mildly entertaining, some is a waste of time, and some is a nice update of what friends and family are doing.  Then, occasionally, there is something that is awesome.  A few times now,... read more

Museon, The Hague

It’s been three years since we moved from Brisbane to The Hague and Museon has been on my list for all that time.  We finally made it and loved it immediately!  We were actually encouraged by a friend who suggested meeting there for a playdate with her three... read more

Delft School Holiday Daycamp – Time Travel Theme

Last month, my children spent 2 weeks at the 2015 DVA Delft School Holiday Camp.  We moved to the Netherlands three years ago now (which you can read more about over on my Dutch Australian website).   As a working parent (something else I write about! Over at... read more

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Superheroes

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol currently has a summer holiday campaign “Alle Superhelden naar Schiphol” (All Superheroes to Schiphol).   Superheroes is a concept that can be understood cross-culturally by children and when I showed my girls the... read more

Chester Unlocked, UK

A close friend lives in Chester, UK, so I flew this week with my daughters from Amsterdam to Manchester to visit her.  It’s great that Easyjet offers an affordable option.  As always, I was keen to discover the culture and Chester certainly has plenty... read more

Spin Art

We picked up this neat Spin Art kit from one of those cheap stores for just a few euros here in The Hague, The Netherlands.  The kids love it (and I do too). Share Here are some of the results.  Along with a painting she did of a My Little Pony jumping on a... read more

Gemeente Museum, Den Haag, The Netherlands

It was my birthday last week and when my husband asked what gift I would like, it was an easy choice. So I will soon have a Dutch Museumkaart which will allow me free entry into a majority of museums in The Netherlands.  I did consider buying one for the girls as... read more

A historic 5th birthday

This little girl literally grew up in a museum – at the Abbey Museum, Caboolture, Australia.  So it was only fitting that on the historic occasion of her 5th birthday, she celebrate it surrounded by history.  The best birthday party... read more

Reading from a young age

Tonight, I listened to my 7 year old read ME a bedtime story.  In Dutch.  Here I am reading to her at just 2 months old. I think reading from a young age is one of the most simple, yet most powerful ways you can teach culture to your kids.... read more