Annie the Musical in Brisbane, Australia

Some of my fondest memories are of my mother taking me to the theatre when I was young.  My eldest daughter, Sophia, has always shown an interest in performing, singing and dancing.  So though she was not yet even five years old, my mother, my sister in law and I decided to take her to see Annie the Musical in Brisbane, Australia.    I had my doubts as to whether she may have been too young….but she loved it.  We did leave her almost-3 year old sister at home.  My mother and I really enjoyed watching her as well as the show, her expressions were wonderful!

Firstly, we had lunch at a cafe.  She wasn’t too sure about the toasted sandwiches…



I had a divinely thick hot chocolate.







Next we stopped for a mother/daughter photo at Southbank.


She was excited to “meet” the dog in the poster!


Exciting to sit in the theatre and wait for for the red curtain to rise.


No photos allowed during the performance of course but we got to take this photo afterwards….



There were some other children at the show, some of whom were as enthralled as my daughter, others less so.  I think the age you may decide to take your children to the theatre depends on the personality of the child and the type of show.  I am writing this blog post some time after the event, but from memory I think I wondered at first if there was an age limit for the show and asked at booking but don’t believe there was.  For something like this, where other patrons were paying a significant amount for a ticket, had she been excessively noisy or unsettled, I probably would have taken her outside.  We did go to the afternoon matinee and even if we didn’t have our daughter with us, would have expected for an afternoon show for there to be other children there, but would have been disappointed if they had been disruptive.

Would love your thoughts on taking kids to the theatre in a comment below!