Delft School Holiday Daycamp – Time Travel Theme

The time travel wheel

Last month, my children spent 2 weeks at the 2015 DVA Delft School Holiday Camp.  We moved to the Netherlands three years ago now (which you can read more about over on my Dutch Australian website).   As a working parent (something else I write about! Over at Professional Parents Network), school holidays can be a tough time – the children are off school for 6 weeks and often both parents still need to work.  There are daycare options and a whole range of daycamps here in the Netherlands, but most are really expensive.  However I happened to discover the DVA gem last year, which was just a short cycle away and only 30 euros per child per week, including lunch!  This is due to the fact it’s a not-for-profit organisation that has run for many years, and they have a large team of volunteers.  Last year was the girl’s first time there and the theme was Disney I think.

This year, I just loved the theme: Time Travel.  I am translating from Dutch but here are the daily themes:

First week: 

  • Monday: Prehistory
  • Tuesday: Greeks & Romans
  • Wednesday: Cities and Knights
  • Thursday: Vikings
  • Friday: Workshop day

Second week:

  • Monday: Golden Age
  • Tuesday: Renaissance
  • Wednesday: Disco/Flower Power (70s)
  • Thursday: Future
  • Friday: Circus Day

They also gave us a list of inspiration if the children chose to come in fancy-dress each day: (again I’m translating from Dutch and have learnt a few Dutch words!).

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 21.56.13
Image: DVA Delft Screenshot

Prehistory: Primitive lifestyles, leopard prints, bones through your nose or head

Greeks & Romans: Leaf laurels, Togas, Sandals, Greek or Roman Gods or Goddesses

Cities and Knights: Kings robes, helmets, Princes, princesses, swords, chainmail, horses.

Vikings: Fur coats, beards, plaits, axes

Golden Age: Michiel de Ruyter (famous Dutch Admiral), sailors, pirates, eye patches, golden coins

Renaissance: Ballgowns, wigs, white faces, red lips, blouses

Disco/Flower Power: Glitter, bright colours, disco balls, lang hair, owl glasses, bellbottoms

Future: Aliens, Aluminium Foil, UFOs, coloured hair, computers

One of the things I love most from a cultural perspective is that though I grew up on the other side of the world in Australia, all of these themes were familiar to me.

My eldest daughter really enjoyed researching the themes and dressing up most days.  My youngest wasn’t really interested – except for the princess day!

I love how the volunteer staff got into the themes though, here are some fabulous photos from the DVA Facebook Page:

Image: DVA Delft Facebook Page
Image: DVA Delft Facebook Page



Here are a few of my own photos:

ready for the Golden Age
My little Pirate
cycling through the forrest in their “ballgowns” for the Renaissance day
“reizen door de tijd” (Time travel in English)
Some of the awesome volunteers welcoming the kids on the Vikings day
Some of the prehistory day craft
A bonus hidden cultural gem – this was on the wall at the Dutch sports club!