Museon, The Hague

It’s been three years since we moved from Brisbane to The Hague and Museon has been on my list for all that time.  We finally made it and loved it immediately!  We were actually encouraged by a friend who suggested meeting there for a playdate with her three young girls, and we had a voucher the girls were given at school for 1 euro entry to use over the summer.  So our trip was with two mums and five little girls aged between 8 to 2 years old.  I have to say I was wondering how we’d go and how long the girls would last – but we were there for more than 2 hours and when we had to actually leave, the girls begged to stay!

There was a dino exhibition on and the girls were instantly engaged after being greeted by this guy (or girl!)….


…the dinosaurs are a temporary exhibit but these giraffes below are part of the permanent one I believe.  They had a brief look at that then headed back to the dinos…


…then my daughter came running asking if she could spend her pocket money – they found a “shop”!  Usually at museums I wonder what kind of value I will get, some are notoriously expensive, though I can understand that with the cost of keeping them running.  However, this was very reasonably priced and there were lots of super cool dino-themed souvenirs, most for 1 euro each.


We even got to watch how the dino keyrings were 3D printed – I found it just as fascinating as they did!  What struck me was that often, you are looking back at history in museums, and here we were watching brand new technology I’d heard of but never seen in action – printing something from prehistoric times.


Colouring activities are always popular and there was a nice quiet corner for the kids to colour in.


They then led us to the WWII exhibit!  I briefly wondered if it was suitable for kids but they had their own interpretations and I am grateful that these girls can visit this exhibit and have no idea of the horror of war.  An innocence that was denied to way too many children, my father included, when he was a similar age.


As you’re not allowed to eat or drink inside the museum we did a quick snack break in the foyer…


…then it was back inside.  This was my favourite, my friend and I marvelled over these mind-blowing natural formations for ages.


I enjoyed watching our youngest little visitor in our group engage with these water-themed exhibit.


DSC_0034Every time we visit a museum, I like to watch how my kids find and press any button they can find.


This section in the Arctic was a favourite. All five of the girls watched a series of videos on eskimos and other icy things!  My 6 year old took a break to actually FEEL the ice and seal fur in the next section, then begged to go back to the videos – “I’m very busy learning mama”!


Next was another set of headphones, the youngest & eldest in our little group of girls were both captivated.


Then the others joined them:


This is what they were watching, news-style reports about the climate.


Then, it was time to leave, we could only get the girls out of there by promising to come back another day!  I captured this special encounter on the way out.


Then we had to run before we got eaten by a dinosaur!


At home, we cracked open the “eggs” the girls bought and they found a new friend.  A nice souvenir of our super-fun few hours at Museon, The Hague.


You can see all my photos/videos over on Google+ here:

Even better, here are the images my daughters took with their own cameras during their trip to Museon.  First up: Sophiacam (my 8 year old):

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 00.42.16

And here is Isabellacam (6 years old)

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 00.45.30

We highly recommend visiting Museon The Hague, it’s a fun day out with the family.