Family Classical Concert in the forest, The Netherlands

We live in an area called De Bras in the Netherlands.  It’s on the border between The Hague and Delft.  There is a wonderful neighbourhood organisation that hosted a beautiful family classical concert in the forest today, in the “Bieslandse Bos”.  Local families were encouraged to bring a picnic and friends.

The weather was beautiful – in fact it was actually too hot in the sun, but that happens so rarely in the Netherlands that as a Dutch Australian, I’m not complaining!

IMG_8570 IMG_8571

With three talented ladies performing – two named Barbara and one named Lucia, we had a really special afternoon.


The location was beautiful and they played on a floating stage.


My friend and her three gorgeous girls joined us and when they got too hot in the sunshine, they found a nice nearby spot in the shade to enjoy their picnic:



One of the things I loved the most was the way that the children danced and jumped to the music:


You can see all of my photos and videos over on the Google+ album below:

A huge thanks to the Bewoners Organisatie (Residents Association) of De Bras and to the sponsors for putting on this free concert.  A super special Sunday afternoon!

Do your children enjoy classical music?  Have you ever attended an outdoor concert?  Would love your comments below.