2015 Kindermuseumnacht Den Haag (Kids Museum Night The Hague)

Last weekend, our family had a fantastic time at the 2015 Kindermuseumnacht Den Haag (Kids Museum Night The Hague).

We started out with the opening at the Gemeente Museum Den Haag at 4pm.  We were already pretty excited on the way in…


….and even more excited to get a cool little Kindermuseumnacht pack, complete with a  flashing light badge!


We’ve visited the Gemeente Museum Den Haag before, you can read about it here on this blog:


While we waited for the opening show to start….


…the girls enjoyed an activity of making sheep out of masking tape…


…on the way out, heading between the Gemeente Museum and Museon, right next door, they made a new friend!


Once we were at Museon it was all about the dinosaurs!  They particularly enjoyed cracking a discovering a dino in the dirt….


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I love that it’s something we can enjoy as a family, my husband also enjoyed helping the girls with their dino quest.   Next it was a quiz and the girls were thrilled to win a dino bouncy ball.  I was very impressed by their knowledge (or educated guesses) about dinosaurs.

They were able to earn coins towards a piggy bank, which we picked up at the Rabobank stand on the Hofvijver:



With a quick stop to capture this amazing view which I never tire of.  I do love living in this city.


Next, it was off to the Haags Historisch Museum.  They remembered dancing there last year with a princess in a ballgown, but this year it was….


….mermaids – even better!!


They also enjoyed a sea-themed craft activity. Then, my youngest’s favourite thing ever – face painting.  What a great way to end the day!


We would have loved to fit in the Mauritshuis as well as we had fun there for the 2014 Kindermuseumnacht – but the girls were tired.  Can’t  imagine why!  So my husband took them home and then I got to explore more.

You can see all of my photos and videos over on my Google+ album here: