Prince Ea: Rip off the Labels

A lot of stuff comes up in my Facebook news feed on a daily basis:  some is mildly entertaining, some is a waste of time, and some is a nice update of what friends and family are doing.  Then, occasionally, there is something that is awesome.  A few times now, I’ve seen the name “Prince Ea” on viral videos, and love his work. Here’s his Facebook page and Wikipedia entry for more info:

And here’s his latest video, about ripping off the labels.  As it happens, I’ve just finished a week long program at The Hague University, where I am one of the lecturers for the Intercultural Competence week.  We do a number of games and activities with International Business & Management Students to get them thinking about the importance of culture and tools to more negotiate it successfully in their lives and career.  I plan on showing this to students in the future.  I love living and working in such an international environment, and I love raising my two children (now 6 & 8 years old) as global citizens.

Your thoughts on this video most welcome in the comments!