Kids and Culture in nature – Hoeve Biesland Food Fest

The definition of “culture” is so broad, and I remember hearing in a lecture once that “culture could be seen as anything that’s not nature”.

At the Hoeve Biesland, an organic farm on the outskirts of Delft and The Hague, the Netherlands (and only a 10 minute cycle from where we live), I love experiencing nature and a little bit of culture together.

Food is certainly part of a culture, and I love this trend in many countries moving back away from packaged supermarket shopping to more organic and produce markets (like it “used to be”).

We really enjoyed the FoodFest on 16 May 2016.  From fresh farm produce to a wonderful mix of cultural food influences from around the world (Vietnamese rolls, BBQ hamburgers, Italian olive oil and much more), we had a delicious few hours there.

The girls took part in a Bento Box workshop for lunch, which originates in the Japanese culture: 

I loved their own interpretations of this.

They also tried hula hooping (and so did I) and I did some more research about the origins of this – the modern hula hoop became popular in America and my native Australia in the 1950’s, but also in China and Russia and other countries.  The Native Americans used it for storytelling as well.

So interesting how there are so many bits and pieces of cultural history around us, even at an event set firmly in nature. All in all a fun day.