Kids and Cinemas


This photo popped up on my Facebook feed today, reminding me it’s exactly 2 years ago since we went to see Rio 2 at the cinema.  I remember it well, as my youngest had just spent almost a week in hospital with pneumonia, and this was a special family treat the day after she came out.  The girls were super impressed by the 3D glasses, and wanted to keep them on after they left the cinema.  I had also taken a movie break when I was staying with her all week – my husband took over a shift at the hospital and I went and saw Maleficent. – cinemas are a great way to “switch off” temporarily when you are going through some stress like that.  I also totally enjoyed a very rare impromptu cinema trip a few months ago to watch Gods of Egypt with some friends (click through to read my review on my Dutch Australian blog)

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Movies are such a large part of our culture, and make a huge impression on kids – especially when you go and see it at a cinema instead of on a small screen at home.  Even better, I remember going to drive-in cinema where I grew up in Brisbane, Australia.   Not many, if any of them exist anymore.

As it happens, my children’s birthdays are next month, and for the first time this year, they have chosen a cinema party (turning 7 & 9).  So, we’ll be taking a small group of children to see Kung Fu Panda 3, Angry Birds or Finding Dory as those are the options at the moment.

One of the favourite movies I have seen in some time, which was great for both kids and adults was Inside Out.  Here in the Netherlands, most of the kids movies are dubbed in Dutch but we managed to find a screening of the original English version (click through for my review on my Professional Parents blog).


Here’s a quick brainstorm of some I remember seeing as a child, though I don’t remember which were at the cinema and which at home – I think mostly at the cinema as back then, it took ages to come out on Video or TV (oops, just wrote DVD, none of those back then!).

  • ET
  • Back to the Future
  • Goonies
  • Star Wars
  • Annie
  • Sound of Music
  • Mary Poppins

Some of the older classics would have been either on video or TV, remember when you used to have to plan to watch a movie on TV at the start time and there was no pause/rewind on them!  I do remember Star Wars freaking me out a bit, something about a bug in their ear?  (no idea )  It’s interesting how long certain scenes and feelings stay with you throughout your life.

I am a little disappointed that a lot of movies for kids these days seem to be cartoons.

Do you remember many movies you saw as a kid?   What do you recommend for kids today?