We love the Earth

My girls introduced me to this song today, have you heard it yet?  It’s been out for a few weeks but this is the first I’ve seen of it. The song spearheads a campaign on this website:

The version they showed me was the original, but am glad they also have the clean version. Here’s the original though for anyone who would like it.  The videos over on the website also have a fair bit of swearing which is a little disappointing.  Who is the target market here?  It’s produced as though it’s kids, but though we’re not too precious about swearing in our house (it’s usually our children who tell US off if we swear), I don’t understand why it’s necessary to make the (very important) points.  It would have been simple to use “stuff” instead of “shit” and maybe “doomed” instead of “fucked”.  Many it’s even deliberate to get the kids attention, who knows.   Anyway, in general it’s a cool campaign.  We know this shit about how the planet is in trouble, but I think we need to keep hearing it, in as many ways as possible, until we actually DO something, right?

Reminds me of the “We are the World”, which came out in 1985 – I was the same age as my youngest now. Back then I recognised all the singers, this time around in the Earth song, I don’t!

Your thoughts?



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