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Storing Kids Artwork

As children grow, so does their pile of artwork.  So that we aren't buried in it, I've had to come up with ideas on storing kids artwork.  I've been scanning a lot of it and then storing in a big box from IKEA.  Other works do find their way into the bin after...

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Multilanguage Let It Go

No matter where you are in the world, if you have young children, have they been singing "Let it Go"? My little Dutch Australian daughters have been belting it out in English and it's only recently I realised there may be a Dutch version.  So I looked it up - and...

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Drum kit for kids

We recently attended a friend's son's 3rd birthday.  He received a drum kit!  I have to say I'm glad it's them and not me, and luckily they do have a good little room "out the back" for him to play.  What I found amazing was how my 5 year old daughter, Isabella, sat...

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Annie the Musical in Brisbane, Australia

Some of my fondest memories are of my mother taking me to the theatre when I was young.  My eldest daughter, Sophia, has always shown an interest in performing, singing and dancing.  So though she was not yet even five years old, my mother, my sister in law and I...

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